Septic Tanks in Ashford Kent

Fully installed and commissioned septic tanks in Ashford Kent

G.M.C are experienced in the preparation and installation of septic tanks in Ashford Kent, our team hold all of the necessary qualifications to install and commission septic systems.

A septic system is an efficient, stand-alone, below ground sewage treatment system. Septic systems are mainly found in rural areas where there is a larger distance between houses.

In such areas Septic systems are generally more economical to install and maintain than traditional main drainage systems, this is because unlike main drainage systems wastewater is processed on site, which in turn means there is no need to install additional sewer lines to connect the home to the mains sewer system.

We install Septic Tanks in Ashford, Tenterden, Folkestone, Canterbury, Maidstone, Tenterden, and all surrounding villages.

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Septic tanks in Ashford Kent how do they work?

Made up of two parts the septic tank and a drainfield. A septic tank is crudely a sealed box, and is normally made of either fibreglass or concrete with a fixed inlet and outlet pipe.

Wastewater runs from your house into the box via the connected sewerage pipe. The tank itself then goes about treating the wastewater, the septic tank holds the wastewater long enough for liquids and solids to separate in-to three layers any solid lighter than water floats to the top of the tank, any solid heavier than water sinks to the bottom of the septic tank, the middle layer is partially clarified wastewater. this is a perfectly natural process and happens without intervention.

Naturally occurring bacteria found in the wastewater of the septic tank get to work breaking down the bottom and top layers of solids. Any sludge, scum or solid that is unable to be broken down is retained in the septic tank until it is emptied. The layer of partially clarified liquid flows from the septic tank into the drainfield or a distribution device.

The clarified wastewater is then distributed to trenches lined with sand or other coarse materials which act as a second biological filtration system the wastewater is efficiently distributed by perforated pipes lining the trenches.

The filtered wastewater is then finally absorbed by soil. The standard system used to do this is known either as a leachfield, soil absorption system or a disposal field.

Septic tanks in Ashford Kent protecting your investment

  • It is important not to drive cars or heavy machinery over the absorption field area
  • No plants or trees should be planted the absorption area, roots have the potential to grow into the lining and cause blockages
  • The absorption field should only be covered with grass as it will help remove any excess water. Patios concrete or paving are not suitable coverings
  • Excess water from any other area of your home should not be diverted to the absorption field

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements and arrange a no obligations survey, several factors can influence the size of tank you will need. At G.M.C we have the practical skills and knowledge to ensure that your septic tank is suitable for your household.

For septic tanks in Ashford Kent and beyond including Tenterden, The Weald, Canterbury and Folkestone get in touch today.

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