Block paving in Ashford Kent

Are you considering a new driveway? Block Paving in Ashford Kent is a fantastic choice, attractive durable and long lasting. G Mackett Construction and Groundwork Ltd are professional installers of Block Paving.

Due to this surfaces long potential life and the enormous range of stone types available Bock Paved Driveways have unsurprisingly become the most popular type of residential driveway covering.

This high quality, durable surface provides an adaptable and attractive finish for driveways, front gardens, and footpaths.

G Mackett Construction & Groundwork Ltd have installed numerous block paved driveways in Ashford and beyond we are fully qualified to NVQ Level 6 in groundworks.

We are committed to ensuring our work is completed to the highest possible level and in accordance with building regulations. The standard of paving work has and will continue to be of the utmost importance to our business.

Your new paving installation will be completed to the very highest of standards. Feel free to get in touch and arrange the first steps on your new block paving in Ashford Kent.

Area of coverage includes; Ashford, Tenterden, Hythe, Canterbury, Folkestone, Maidstone and all surrounding villages.

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Block Paved Driveway In Ashford Kent
Block paving driveway in Ashford, Kent

The benefits of block paving

Attractive appearance
Depending on your budget and tastes, you can choose a design that is complimentary for your home. In addition, you can enhance your selected design with tailored edgings and kerbs.

Low cost of maintenance
When installed properly, block paving in Ashford Kent is extremely easy to maintain and repair.
Durability is a major attraction of block paving in Ashford Kent. As It is designed to last. If the foundations are dug to the correct depth and the base properly laid it will become an attractive long-lasting addition to your home for many years to come.
Paving stones
Are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes. You can either select from a variety of well-known designs or should you desire make your own pattern.
A long term investment
Block paving driveways in Ashford Kent will enhance the appearance of your home, thereby increasing its value.


These are just a few of the benefits from the installation of your new block paving driveway in Ashford Kent, imagine the feeling you will get whenever you look at “your” very own personally selected design, stone type or colour.

Why block paving?

Long lasting driveway

Clean modern finish

British materials

G Mackett Construction & Groundwork Ltd install concrete and clay fired block paving driveways in Ashford Kent

Block Paved Driveway With Railway Sleeper Sidings installed in Ashford Kent
Block Paved Driveway with Railway Sleeper Sidings Ashford

Our team install the two main types of block paving in Ashford Kent – which are clay fired bricks or concrete blocks, concrete paving is the more commonly used surface.

This is because on the whole concrete block paving in Ashford Kent offers better value for money; concrete is also more durable meaning your new driveway will last longer.

Many finishes are available you can choose from tumbled, vintage, granite effect and rustic styles to name a few. There is also a large choice of shapes available which include; rectangular, square, hexagonal we can also install circular feature paving or patios.

In short, we can create your dream block paved driveway in Ashford Kent in exactly the style you desire.

The team at G Mackett Construction & Groundwork Ltd install all types of paving produced by the major manufacturers including Bradstone and Marshalls.

Whatever look you require modern, contemporary or rustic there is sure to be a block to suit your needs. Take a look at our driveway blog for examples of recent works.

Popular styles, many more available

Concrete block


Mixed colour

Aged look

Charcoal block

Slate effect

Maintaining your new block paving driveway

The majority of our customers who have block paved driveway’s fail to understand the needed maintenance to keep block paving in the best possible condition.

As a homeowner, you will have spent a reasonable sum of money to have your block paving in Ashford Kent installed. Therefore, it is a sensible idea to maintain your new paving. leaving the driveway until it is covered in weeds and grime is not the best approach; instead take pre-emptive action.

Before you clean your block paved driveway, first treat the area with a weed killer to take care of any weeds. next consider, treating the area with a fungicidal wash to eradicate any lichen, algae and moss.

Should weeds be present, it is essential they are treated first otherwise when removing weeds you will only be taking the heads off, leaving behind the roots.

This generally means that a few weeks later, they will grow back even stronger than ever. Cleaning the block paving with a high pressure water jet can be very effective in getting rid of all weeds and grime, making the block paving look as good as new.

The dangers of pressure washing your block paving in Ashford Kent

But remember, block paving must only be pressure cleaned occasionally as continuous use can weaken the sand bed on which the block paving rests, ultimately causing the blocks to sink.

This is why it is important to seal block paving immediately after pressure washing with a driveway sealant product such as Thompsons one coat. This means that in future when the block paving is cleaned the blocks only require a hosing down, and not a forceful pressure washing.

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