Rainwater Harvesting Systems
Ashford Kent

G.M.C specialise in the installation of environmentally friendly Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Ashford Kent and beyond.

Rainwater harvesting what is it?

Rainwater harvesting systems are simply a way of collecting rainwater from roofs, rainwater is then stored in a tank. When needed the water is pumped to where it is to be used, this can replace or ease the demand for mains water.

Rainwater harvesting has been in use since Roman times but has become less popular in modern-day Britain. However due to changes in the environment and the fact that demand for water regularly exceeds supply mean that rainwater harvesting is once again becoming popular.

Rainwater harvesting is an environmentally friendly solution and going forward is likely to play a large role in alleviating the effects of our changing environment as it has the potential to significantly reduce flooding.

We install systems in Ashford, Folkestone, Canterbury, Maidstone, Tenterden, and all surrounding villages.

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Rainwater Harvestings Systems Ashford Kent

How does Rainwater harvesting work

When it rains water is channelled from the roof via guttering and standard downpipes, the water is then fed into the rain water storage tank upon entry the water is filtered thoroughly. The storage tank will normally be located underground. When needed the water is fed back to the point of use by way of a specialist pump.

It is important that the rainwater harvesting tank installed at your home is of the correct size, as failure to do so can lead to the tank being rendered ineffective and unfit for purpose, this means that the team at G Mackett Construction and Groundwork Ltd will need to take into account both average rainfall and the size of the building to determine how much water is expected to be used.

Systems available

There are several rainwater harvesting systems available today. G.M.C we can help you to navigate the choices and settle on the system that is most suitable for your needs. Our qualified team deal with the installation of the system from start to finish.

Harvested rainwater how it can be used

  • The flushing of toilets
  • Clothes can be washed
  • Gardens irrigated

In practical terms, harvested rainwater can reduce mains water usage by up to 50%

Fell free to contact us today in the first instance a member of the team will arrange a no-obligation survey to assess your needs G.M.C are a fully qualified groundwork company with 15 years of experience in the commission and installation of rainwater harvesting systems in Ashford Kent. our area of coverage includes Ashford, Folkestone, Canterbury the Weald and Kent in general.

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